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How this 138 year old nonprofit is using Kindful to make the switch to online fundraising easier.


5,118 in 2015

155,631 in 2015

Fundraising is not a new thing to 138 year old nonprofit Sunday Breakfast Rescue Mission. However, with an increase in online fundraising, Sunday Breakfast needed a system that could handle all of their donor records as well as provide an online location for recurring giving. Kindful was the perfect solution.


Sunday Breakfast Rescue Mission provides for the practical and spiritual needs of the hungry, homeless, and hurting in the Philadelphia area. Founded in 1878, Sunday Breakfast is the largest emergency shelter in Philadelphia and is the only provider of three free meals a day. They hold an annual food drive in the fall as well as take in food donations every day.

Sunday Breakfast also provides recovery programs for men and transitional housing programs for women helping participants become self-sufficient. And they do all of this with the help of thousands of volunteers.

Philadelphia, PA


Emma, Stripe


Sunday Breakfast wanted a central location for all of their data and a system that would help them grow their online giving program – especially recurring gifts. They were using spreadsheets which made working with their data extremely time consuming and frustrating.

Sunday Breakfast needed a system that was not only user-friendly for their staff, but also for their donors when they interacted with them online. One of their goals is to recruit more younger donors so having an online donor portal is critical.


Kindful allows Sunday Breakfast to have more access and insights into their data. Instead of having data in complex, hard to manipulate spreadsheets, Sunday Breakfast can easily access the data they need so they can build stronger relationships with their donors.

Director of Development, Rosalyn Forbes, states, “I was so hands-off in our data before because our data wasn’t user-friendly. Now, I’m in Kindful everyday checking reports and giving histories.”

Sunday Breakfast set up different campaigns in Kindful allowing their donors to choose where they would like their donation to be used.

This is not only beneficial for the donor, but also for Sunday Breakfast. Forbes explains, “I love that we are able to see running totals for campaigns. If I want to see how donations totals for the learning center, I can easily run a report.” 

On the donor facing side, Kindful provides a clean and easy to use interface. The customized, branded donation pages allow for Sunday Breakfast to include photos of the people they are helping so that donors receive a seamless experience from the website to the donation pages. With a goal of bringing in more online donations and having an older donor base, this was extremely important to Sunday Breakfast.  Forbes describes, “The system is beautiful. Tech savvy donors can look at it and be impressed with the technology, but also our older donors can look at it and see that it is very easy to use.”

Sunday Breakfast uses both the Stripe and Emma integrations. Emma was their email platform for many years and they needed a donor management system that could easily capture all their email data. When they learned that Kindful and Emma seamlessly integrated, they were sold.


Now with Kindful in their toolbox, Sunday Breakfast is able to set more aggressive fundraising goals. By the end of their fiscal year, their goal is to have at least 2% of all of their email addresses set up an online recurring donation.

How will they do this? Their plan is to promote how easy it is to use Kindful’s recurring gift button on their donation pages and donor portal. Forbes explains, “You can’t be afraid to ask your donors to do something – they want to help you. You just need to ask them.” Sunday Breakfast will use Kindful to create groups based on giving history, frequency, and more so they can send targeted and relevant messages to their donors.

“I would definitely recommend Kindful because it’s very convenient and very user-friendly.”

– Rosalyn Forbes, Director of Development


Customized, Branded Donation Pages

Recurring Gift Button

Beautiful Interface

Easy to Use

Ability to see running gift totals for Campaigns.

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