How Kindful Helps the Pat Tillman Foundation Be More Effective


For the Pat Tillman Foundation, whose Tillman Scholars program helps military veterans and spouses, a donor management platform that integrates seamlessly with their donation platform, provides transparency and clarity on a vast national network of supporters, and simplifies tracking and reporting is a must. Luckily, by switching to Kindful in 2016, they were able to meet all these needs and more.

The Pat Tillman Foundation was founded in 2004 following Pat’s death while he was serving with the 75th Ranger Regiment in Afghanistan. A professional football player for the Arizona Cardinals, Pat decided to place his NFL career on hold and enlist in the U.S. army following the attacks on September 11.

After his death, following an outpouring of support, Pat’s widow, Marie Tillman created the foundation to mirror Pat’s life and honor his legacy. The Tillman Scholars Program, founded in 2008, supports active-duty service members, veterans and their spouses with academic scholarships, a national network and professional development opportunities, so they are empowered to make an impact at home and around the world, just like Pat.

With such a worthy mission and impressive impact, it’s no wonder the Pat Tillman Foundation has many types of donors from across the country. Some donors find the foundation through a love of Pat’s story and career, others are passionate about supporting military veterans and spouses, and others have seen the outstanding effects of the Tillman Scholars Program.

Each donor and their support are important to the foundation. Whether they give through Pat’s Run, an annual race of 28,000 people in Tempe, Arizona, on Giving Tuesday, or at events throughout the year, it’s important their information and support history are efficiently tracked.

Ethan Armstrong, Development Manager at the foundation, describes switching to Kindful after using a “very archaic” program in the past:

“Kindful has been highly useful for us for the simple one stop shop for donor relations, whether it’s donations actually logged and calculated in one place or the fact that we now have contact information and histories with all our donors at our fingertips. Being able to track donors where they are and how we’ve communicated with them has been the biggest help.”

“Kindful gives us the ability to manage more than 25,000 contacts and donors.”

In making the switch to a new donor management platform, it was crucial for it to work seamlessly with the foundation’s new donation platform, Crowdrise. Now, with Kindful, every donation received on any of the foundation’s Crowdrise pages are integrated with Kindful.

“All of those donations that flood through those sites are all then integrated into Kindful so the tracking is from Kindful. We’re not going back and forth between spreadsheets and downloading reports from Crowdrise— it’s all funneling into Kindful and we’re able to see everything there.”

“Kindful’s really allowed us to build out lists of people in certain geographic regions.”

This also helps the Pat Tillman Foundation fundraise more effectively:

“Kindful’s really allowed us to build out lists of people in certain geographic regions. Let’s say we’re hosting an event in New York that we would want donors to be at, we can easily track that in Kindful and build out lists from there, whereas before we didn’t know where our donors were coming from and we didn’t have a good way to track it.”

Through helping the Pat Tillman Foundation manage their donors more effectively, Kindful supports the foundation in their incredibly important work. Through this, the foundation is able to help scholars like Samuel Innocent.

A 2012 Tillman Scholar, Sam joined the military in 2004 and later worked as a soldier by day and a student by night. Now, as a veteran specialist for a workforce development company, Sam collaborates with government agencies to develop workforce programs. He is a passionate advocate for quality education, jobs and affordable healthcare in low-income neighborhoods like his own in Brooklyn. Using the Tillman Scholars Program to build a skill set and network, Sam is able to make an impact in his community, even by running for office this year.

Focusing on this crucial work to support military veterans and spouses, the Pat Tillman Foundation relies on Kindful to make the donor management part of their work simple and easy.

“The user experience, the customer service has been really good for us.”

Armstrong describes a great customer service experience with Kindful, being able to work together to tailor the system to what they needed most: “The user experience, the customer service has been really good for us.”

Through its seamless integrations with important vendors like Crowdrise and MailChimp, its effective and simple management of donor histories, to a great customer experience, Kindful helps the Pat Tillman Foundation do their work more efficiently and more effectively.

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