Salesforce & Classy → Kindful

Why LiveBeyond decided Kindful was the best fit for their nonprofit.


LiveBeyond is a faith-based, humanitarian organization focused on transforming an oppressed community in Thomazeau, Haiti, by providing good health and hope.


LiveBeyond was using Classy as their online fundraising tool but needed a CRM in order to process and analyze all their donor data. When Classy started advertising their integration with Salesforce, they jumped at the opportunity, thinking it was exactly what they needed. “We hopped aboard their ‘free integration’ and did not have a single day of traction on the platform for ~2 years,” says John Mark Vanderpool, Program Director.

John Mark soon learned that Salesforce would not assist in the transition, data migration, or any training for their new users.

LiveBeyond needed to find a platform that could operate a database, raise funds for their programs, and centralize their communications, yet still be user friendly.

They tried using a third-party vendor to make the Salesforce/Classy integration work. They simply could not make the non-profit version of Salesforce do what they needed. Not only was it going to be time-consuming, but extremely expensive, with quotes ranging from $50-$120k.


Once they realized using Salesforce wasn’t feasible, they started looking for alternatives. According to John Mark, “We looked into so many other platforms including PureCharity, Blackbaud and all of their products, and many more.* One of our employees stumbled upon Kindful and showed it to me. I was amazed that I had not ever heard of it and immediately saw its potential to solve a lot of our problems.”

*“I do want to add the perils of entertaining Blackbaud as a solution. I’m not interested in throwing anyone under the bus, but their product is not a good solution for any type of non-profit except universities. It is extremely expensive and outdated.”

“Classy is a great crowdfunding platform but that’s where it ends. Kindful, on the other hand, solves [all] these problems. Pure and simple. The incredible issues we had with Salesforce are behind us.”

– John Mark Vanderpool, Program Director


With Kindful’s integrations, LiveBeyond is able to easily track and analyze all their events. Using Eventbrite to create the event, they capture every attendee’s information, and have that data sync to their database. They also utilize text-to-give, collecting donations at their events.

“We weren’t able to do any of this before Kindful. All of this is entirely new and EXTREMELY inexpensive compared to what we were doing before,” says John Mark.


Incredible ease of use

Support throughout the on-boarding process

QuickBooks, Emma, Zapier, Shopify, and Eventbrite integrations

Registration forms

The Contact Duplicate Finder

Contact filtering system

Activities filtering system


Assigning reports and creating recurring reports

Crowdfunding – constantly improving on Kindful

Solid Dashboard

2-click processing

Creating contact relationships