Feature Index

Donation pages – Kindful donation pages allow you to easily accept donations online. Easy to set up, simple to fill out, and synced automatically to your database. You can include recurring payments, options to cover processing fees, and customize with description text, splash images, and colors.

Donation forms – You can embed a popup donation form that we call the Donation Plugin. Customize suggested amounts, colors, button phrasing, and associated campaigns the donations will be associated with. You can embed the Donation Plugin on almost any website, with a line of code that Kindful generates automatically. Perfect for online donors that give with a mobile device.

Peer-to-peer pages – Invite supporters to create teams, who in turn invite their own network to fundraise on your behalf. Peer-to-peer pages can include photos, videos, and descriptions. These pages also integrate with Facebook and Twitter so supporters can share their pages quickly and easily.

Crowdfunding pages – Crowdfunding pages shows descriptions, images, and a giving thermometer, so supporters can know exactly what’s needed and share your page with their network.

Donation tracking – All online donations are logged into Kindful’s database automatically. You can also manually enter check, cash, and in-kind gifts individually or in bulk groups. Every donation is then attached to a donor record, where you can track an individual donor’s history of giving in one easy-to-view contact page.

Donation reporting – Use Kindful’s powerful filtering tools to find the list of donors or activities that you’d like to report on. Choose which columns are included in the report, so you can drill down to the exact data you want analyzed.

No transaction fees – Kindful doesn’t collect any transaction fees on top of processing costs. Processing costs vary on your payment processor (Stripe, Authorize.Net, etc.).

Recurring giving – Any donations collected online can be entered as recurring gifts. Recurring gifts are processed automatically from the card submitted by the donor. You can also track offline (cash, check) recurring gifts.

Event registration forms – Use registration forms to collect specific data about a contact or donor, including custom fields that you designate. Registration forms can be used in tandem with a donation page or individually.

18+ fundraising integrations – Kindful integrates with powerful fundraising platforms like CrowdRise, Square, and GivingFuel to give you even more flexibility on how you’d like to collect donations. Once connected, data from these services syncs automatically into Kindful, where donor records and transactions are updated without any extra work.


Donor Lifecycle Analytics –  Easily view actionable insights around your donor lifecycle. Get a live pulse on the entirety of your donor journey to improve your acquisition, retention, and donor upgrading.

Donor record keeping –  See all your supporter’s donations and interactions in one place, without any importing and exporting. Track all giving, including recurring gifts and pledges. Online donations sync automatically, and data entry is simple.

Constituent record keeping – View every detail, transaction, and interaction in a single contact page.

Group and list segmentation – Organize your contact and donor records into segmented groups to understand and communicate with your supporters better. Segment and group contacts using any one of Kindful’s powerful filters.

Donor account logins – Donors can log in to view their giving history, change their card on file, download a tax summary, and more.

Transaction batch entry – Entering transactions in a batch is perfect for events and other in-person fundraisers. Set your date, campaign, and other fixed parameters, allowing you to quickly enter new transactions with minimal clicks.

In-kind gift entry – You can choose not only the total and non-deductible amounts, but also the type of asset for each in-kind gift you receive.

Soft credit entry – When you receive a donation from a company’s giving program, you can simply add soft credits to connect to the individuals behind an organization-wide gift.

Tasks and notifications – Create to-do’s and reminders that connect to actions, individual contacts, and users from your nonprofit.

Pledge tracking – Choose to accept pledges on your donation pages, then use Kindful reports or contact records to track open pledges that need to be filled.

Custom fields – Collect any and all information your organization needs on donation pages or registration forms. These custom fields are logged along with its respective contact record, and custom fields can be reported on to get a list of contacts with similar results.

Household and relationship tracking – Identify which contacts are connected to others for relationship building and mass mailings.


Automatic emailed receipts – Email donation receipts to donors automatically after their donation is submitted. Works for both online donations as well as manually entered donations.

Automatic acknowledgement lists – Create follow-up tasks automatically based on specific actions that your donors take. Tasks can be assigned a specific follow-up action, and these actions are logged in the respective donor record.

Year-End Tax Summaries Tool – Email or print year-end tax summaries with 1 click.

Mail merge – Send personalized bulk mailings to your supporters.

Email and letter template creator – Use simple text with formatting, and add personalization tags like names, giving amounts, transactions dates, and a variety of others to make your emails and letters extremely personal.

Solicitation emails – Segment a list of donors, create an email template, and send solicitations in just a few clicks.


13 Pre-made report templates – Choose from a variety of report templates to get insightful data within moments.

Batch Deposit Report – See batch deposits from your payment process in a specific date range.

Offline Transaction Report – Get a list of all offline transactions (check, cash, etc.) that have been entered in a specific date range.

Transactions On and Offline Report – Get a list of all transactions that have been synced or entered into Kindful within a specific date range.

SYBUNT Report – See donors who have given in one or more previous years, but haven’t yet given this year.

Giving List Report – View all activities taking place between 2 dates.

LYBUNT Report – See donors who gave the previous year, but haven’t yet given this year.

Lapsed Donor Report – See which donors have lapsed in their giving over a period of time.

Fiscal Development Report – Get a quick development report for the fiscal year.

Development Report – Get a quick development report for the calendar year.

Soft Credit Report – Get a list of all soft credit gifts for a specific date range.

Mailing Status Report – Get a report of email sends and opens with Emma or MailChimp for a specific date range.

Cause Team Report – Create a giving report based on your peer-to-peer Cause, sorting by team and team members.

Year Over Year Report – Run a giving report by fiscal year for one or all campaigns.

Unlimited custom reports – Filter the data you’re looking for, generate a custom report, and include only the columns you need to see.

Activity filtering – Sort by giving amounts, transaction dates, types of activity, locations, campaigns, events, and dozens more to find the list of activities you’d like to report on.

Contact filtering – Sort by giving amounts, dates a contact was added, location, demographics, and dozens more to find the list of contacts you’d like to report on, communicate to, or save as a group.

Saved report templates – Generate a report based on the same combination of filters you used previously to get an updated version of that report over and over again.

Scheduled reports – Set up both pre-made and custom reports to be run on a set schedule and emailed to specific addresses.


Unlimited users – Create user logins for every member of your team at no extra charge.

Permission levels for admin users – Restrict access to specific parts of Kindful by setting up permission levels for your users.

Flexible API – Kindful’s open API allows your web developer to connect almost any 3rd party tool into Kindful.

Comprehensive API documentation With a robust documentation covering webhooks, metadata, querying, custom donation flows, and everything in between, your web developer can integrate with confidence.

In-app integration directory – Choose from a huge list of integrations to connect straight to Kindful. Most can be connected in seconds.


Payment Processors – Choose to process donations and transactions through Stripe, PayPal, Authorize.Net, or Kindful Payments. Kindful does not charge any addition transaction fees.

In-person Fundraising – Accept payments in person using Square, Payment for Stripe, and Collect for Stripe. All donation and contact info syncs directly to your Kindful database.

Online Fundraising – Accept payments online using CrowdRise, GivingFuel, CharityAuctionsToday, ClickBid, Big River, and QGiv. You can also fundraise online using Kindful’s built-in donation pages, embeddable donation forms, and peer-to-peer pages.

Online Shopping – Sell your nonprofit’s products online using Shopify, and sync all transaction and contact data into Kindful automatically.

Email Marketing – Connect your contact groups to MailChimp, Emma, or Constant Contact to send beautiful emails and place supporters into an email series.

Accounting and Analytics – Sync your transaction and contact info to QuickBooks and automatically update your accountant. Connect to Fundraising Report Card to gain industry-standard insights into your fundraising data.

Fundraising Events – Process ticketing and sync registrant info to Kindful using Eventbrite, myRollCall, RedPodium, RegFox, and TicketSpice.

Other Integrations – Sync almost any other application to Kindful using Zapier, a trigger- and activity-based app that connects services like Google Forms, Jotform, Woocommerce, and hundreds more.

Volunteer and Membership Management – Sign up for Golden Volunteer to sync your volunteering details to Kindful. Use JoinIt to sync your membership management data.

Political Advocacy – Sync your political advocates to Kindful using Integrated Solutions Political and One Click Politics.