Halfway through the year and 2016 has already brought internet culture an unending supply of buzzwords. Who knew the word “Brexit” would become a word, let alone be used as a verb and a noun? Need to pose for a picture? Pull out the “duck face” of course! And let’s not even get started on nonprofit buzzwords! Words and phrases crop up in web articles and social media forums all the time, and one you may have been seeing a lot in the past few years is “The Internet of Things”. If you’ve never Googled that phrase before, and are too embarrassed to ask someone else what it means, Kindful is here for you.

The Internet of Things is a bunch of products and systems that are all integrated together through the web. We’re talking about your phone, your smart watch, your fancy refrigerator, and anything else that can sync with an app or web-driven service. Kindful CRM is proud to surf our way through the internet of things, and you should feel the same way. If nothing else, 2016 is an exciting time to be alive.

So what does the Internet of Things have to do with nonprofit fundraising, social media marketing, data management, or any of the other things that Kindful CRM specializes in?

  • Social media is about to be accessible EVERYWHERE (or almost everywhere). Not just on your computer screen or mobile device, social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter are already viewable on everything from car navigation screens to smart TVs. Soon enough, you’ll need to plan your social media fundraising strategy around every internet-connected device!
  • Online donations are about to be easier than ever. So easy, in fact, that donors will be able to give to your organization simply by speaking! Nonprofit Tech reports that by the year 2020, over 26 billion things will be connected to the internet and new applications will allow real-time donating while watching TV, driving a car, or even checking out what’s for dinner in your refrigerator.

The Internet of Things is erasing the divide between the web and real life. Immersive communication technologies will become as natural as electric lighting and indoor plumbing. But we’re not there yet. As these technologies become mature and ubiquitous, Kindful and our partners are working hard to capitalize on new technologies for better nonprofit fundraising and donor management. In the process, we’ll develop a donor CRM unlike anything that has ever existed before. Technology is changing by leaps and bounds. Stay tuned and look for new ways to harness its power for your nonprofit!