Every Friday, we give donuts to Kindful team members. Sounds good, right? Sounds even better when they give some Kindful tips while eating said donuts.

This week, learn about some great integration possibilities, as well as how to get rid of those pesky duplicate contacts.

Check it out in this episode of Friday Donut Did-You-Know.


Did-you-know’s from the video

Did you know that you can vote to have an app integrate with Kindful?

Let me give you a scenario. Pretend for a moment that you run an organization that makes donuts, with proceeds going to fund gluten intolerance research. You use Kindful, and you’re loving it. Everything works great, except for one thing: your accounting software. You use Xero for all your nonprofit’s accounting, but Xero and Kindful don’t work together (like maple and garlic…don’t even try it).

Well, we have good news for you. You can let us know how valuable it would be to have a Kindful integration with Xero by going to our Code for Kindness site and voting for it!

Code for Kindness is an innovation fund with a philanthropic twist. Our customers can vote for integrations they’d love to see, and software developers can join the cause to build that integration. When it’s completed, not only does everyone rejoice, but the developer can choose to give their build fees to a charity as a gift. Sounds like a win-win to us!

See the Code for Kindness website and cast your vote here.

Did you know Kindful integrates with Square and other mobile payment processors?

Back in June, we released three amazing integrations: Payment for StripeCollect for Stripe, and Square. This was an extremely exciting integration announcement, as Kindful customers were able to collect dough in person for the first time in Kindful’s rising history. Very few other donation and database platforms offer in-person gift collection, so we’re proud to bring you the best in nonprofit technology.

The Square integration allows you to use a Square reader to collect in-person gifts, great for using at an event. Donors will feel reassured when they see the Square reader, acknowledging one of the country’s leading mobile payment processors. Even our favorite local donut spot, Donut Den, uses Square. So it’s definitely legit.

Learn more about Square and our other mobile payment integrations here.

Did you know Kindful can find duplicate contacts and merge them?

With hundreds (or thousands) of contact records, there’s sure to be a few duplicate records every now and then. And while you wouldn’t mind eating two of the same donuts, you wouldn’t want duplicate records in your database.

You can use Kindful’s Contact Duplicate Finder to search for fields within contacts that are similar and isolate any potential duplicates. The Contact Duplicate Finder can filter matches by contacts with the same name, address, email, last name and zip, phone number, or organization name.

Learn more about the Contact Duplicate Finder here.