Here at Kindful, we’re all about being honest – we know that the extremely valuable work you do as a nonprofit is also extremely hard. In a perfect world, you would be able to focus on the impact you are making and ignore everything else… unfortunately, we live in a disorganized, data-siloed world! That’s why we’re here to make your life easier with simplified data integration and centralized online fundraising.

But we’re not just focused on bringing you the best software and resources for donor management and marketing automation. And we know that sometimes what you need most is a good laugh. So our gif-miners have been hard at work, putting images to some of your most hilarious (and true!) experiences as a hard-working member of the nonprofit world. Let us know in the comments section which one you relate to most!

1. When your friend from the for-profit company asks you how much the budget is for each individual social media campaign.

2. When your Board member (you know, the one who never actually donates) finally buys a ticket to your yearly fundraising event.

3. When your executive director suggests it’s time to tweak the ol’ mission statement. For the fourth time this year.

4. When you get an invite for a meeting about how to make meetings more efficient.

 5. When you’re 20 minutes into your first day managing social media.

6. When the 20-page grant application you just spent 3 weeks writing is denied.

7. When the person you met at a volunteer event makes their first online donation.

If you’ve been in the trenches for a while, we bet you relate to at least one of these sentiments. Our team at Kindful is made up of people who know how you feel – lots of us even came from the nonprofit world ourselves! We know the work you’re doing to change the world is good, bad, and sometimes even a little bit ugly. And we’re here to help. Stick with us and let us make your data simpler, your activities streamlined, and your decisions smarter. Who knows, you might even get in a good laugh along the way!