Recurring donations are an amazing way to increase fundraising efforts for your nonprofit and build a more sustainable budget…without needing to ask for money over and over. For one thing, recurring donors actually tend to give more throughout the year when they give smaller amounts every month – sometimes it’s harder to write one check for $100 than it is to commit $20 a month…and ultimately give $240! For another, recurring donors frequently opt to continue their monthly giving pattern for another year, after the first twelve months have run their course. This sounds like a nonprofit’s dream come true, and it’s a fundraising strategy that Kindful helps facilitate through data integration and targeted communication. If you’re looking for ways to boost recurring donations, here are a few strategic methods that might help.

1. Demonstrate Real World Impact.

The best way to convince someone to give your nonprofit $25 every month, is to show them what you can accomplish with $25 every month. Many organizations accomplish this with a handy “giving inventory” infographic that shows exactly what different amounts can accomplish. Plus, they’re perfectly designed for display on a website or Facebook page. This information can also be communicated through email marketing or information mailed straight to your best one-time donors.

2. Give Recurring Donors a Title.

Everybody likes to be part of the club. And as funny as it might sound, giving your recurring gift program a name will make people more likely to take part. So instead of calling a donor to ask them if they’ll just send you $30 every month, give them the opportunity to become part of your “Active Ingredient” group or “Community Action” initiative.

3. Have Schwag and Exclusive Content.

It’s important for recurring donors to feel appreciated for their fundraising contributions on an ongoing basis. Coffee mugs, photo albums from the areas where you do your work, soft t-shirts, a video thank-you from your staff. Any kind of “warm fuzzy” has a way of making recurring donations easier and more worthwhile for your donors.

4. Give Credit Where Credit is Due.

If your donors outdo themselves when it comes to generosity, they deserve a shout-out. A Facebook post thanking them for becoming a recurring donor, a handwritten note, or even a personal phone call can go a long way in helping donors feel appreciated and motivated to keep giving…and maybe even give more! Say thank you and mean it. It won’t go unnoticed.

5. Shout From the Rooftops.

Here’s the bottom line: unless people know that you have active recurring donation options for fundraising goals, nobody is going to sign up. Promote your most sought-after donation models on the regular. Don’t overdo it, but make sure people are aware that these programs exist, and make it easy for them to become involved.

Equipped with these strategies, you should be able to upgrade and automate at least some of your regular donations. Recurrent donations are among the most dependable and convenient ways to fund a nonprofit. Make the right plan of attack, and you’ll start seeing your recurrent donations grow. Wondering how to increase recurring donors through strategic email marketing? Check out Kindful University’s ultimate guide on donor cultivation and get started today!