About Kindful

We're changing the world through technology that empowers nonprofit organizations to maximize their potential.

Do good. Be Kindful.

Kindful was founded with a simple idea in mind: nonprofits should be able to spend less time focused on their database and more time focused on their mission. With a beautifully designed, intuitive CRM solution that seamlessly works with all your fundraising tools, we help you stay away from your computer so you can stay in front of your donors. Stop wasting time with clunky databases, manual import-export integrations, and confusing analytics. Kindful is your fully integrated online fundraising CRM.

We believe your mission is our mission.

We understand that running a nonprofit has a lot of moving pieces. You are changing the world, and you need partners that not only are experts in their field, but also care about your mission.

At Kindful, almost 40% of our staff comes from the nonprofit world. We have former fundraisers, board members, consultants, and even a past executive director – working alongside top-notch, veteran talent from the tech world – to ensure that Kindful is both a modern fundraising platform and also exactly what your nonprofit needs. We were built to help you grow.

We also care about our customers. We make it a point to volunteer – not just as individuals, but as a staff – at local nonprofits. We even promote our customers through our own marketing channels, encouraging others to support the amazing work they are doing.

We want you to consider us a member of your team – not just your software provider.

We believe beauty and functionality go hand in hand.

You’re creating a more beautiful world everyday. Why shouldn’t your data be beautiful too?

Kindful believes your fundraising software should be functional and intuitive. Maximize the potential of your database with our dynamic CRM solution that includes everything you need for online fundraising – all within a user-friendly design. We know that sometimes data is the last thing you want to look at, but with all the customized information you need built inside a distinctive and easy to use design, working with Kindful may just be the best part of your day. Information at your fingertips without the confusion of a clunky database. It’s a beautiful thing.

We believe in seamless integration of your tools and your data.

Time is money. Why should you waste it trying to make all your development efforts sync up?

With Kindful, your third-party fundraising and financial tools seamlessly integrate with your database, keeping all your information in one place and all your efforts focused on what matters most. Using Eventbrite to manage registrations for your annual benefit gala? Sending out that big fundraising appeal with Emma or Mailchimp? Kindful plays nice with lots of other systems to create one central hub for all your donor relations. Kindful even seamlessly works with merchant processing providers and accounting software so you never have to waste time moving data from one system to another. And it all happens automatically. Sometimes you really can have it all.

We believe your data tells a story.

It’s simple: when your data makes sense, your mission thrives.

Your database tells the story of your organization. It should inspire and improve your work, not bog it down in overly complicated and segmented information. That’s why Kindful’s seamless integration and intuitive reporting is so powerful. It makes your data – all your data – mean something, guiding you to new and innovative ways to accomplish your goals. Your story matters. Your mission matters. Your data matters.

Meet the Kindful Team